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Tiny doesn’t begin to describe the American Gaburevovler.

These are so tiny in real life. HEART BROKEN.

The batteries are about the size of a AAA maybe but not as tall. Also , from what I saw the battery cannot/does not fit in Gabutyra’s mouth :/ As for the size of the Gaburevolver….think of like a tiny squirt or cap gun. Button cell battery territory.



The belt is another solid entry into Bandai’s Pantheon of Masked Heroes. It’s a little complicated and counter intuitive, but, running off of one raw episode and maybe 10 minutes of futzing around, I’ll let it slide for now. The build quality is top notch and the beast requires 3 AA Batteries a breakaway from the norm 2/3 AAA battery fare we’re used too. I blame this solely on the motor, which spins the 10 LED display to create the pictures on the main “gauge” of the belt. The motor whirrs and it is audible, but, the hum doesn’t seen that out of place as this item is essentially the motor that drives Kamen Rider Drive. The shift cars are nice and durable and feature great moulding. The wrist brace however is just ever so small that wearing it, while I can clasp it comfortably just feels…off. The strap is permanent too and not the usual BanDai slip one side under the bars situation. I would imagine this hat to do with durability as the wrist brace is essentially a shifter that kids will be tugging up and down on. I’ll miss the simple ingenuity of the Sengoku Driver, and it’s limitless potential to be constantly updated with new Lockseeds. The Drive Driver is a bold new direction for rider belts. The IR feature works and I was able to everytime I tried get the belt to recognize what I was doing with the brace. This made me happy as that was my biggest concern entering this review. I feel like they’re trying to tackle something a little more technical than either the WizarDriver or The Sengoku Driver. This has more of a Fourze driver feel to it. Let’s see where this road takes us? Shall we?

it’s a lot smaller than I thought.

Vroom Vroom

The Gaia Library in A-Z


Mastermind Creations Terminus Hexatron (Sixshot)

He kills. He destroys. He eradicates. He doesn’t negotiate!”

Roku Box is dope.


Come On🔏
Kachidoki Arms!🍌
Iza shutsujin! Ei Ei Ou!🎌
Fruits basket🍊🍌🍇🍈🍓🍉🍍
Lock Open🔐
Kiwami Arms!
Dai-Dai-Dai-Dai-Dai Shogun!

Here’s Baron, Kiwami Arms wallpaper I made. Give me credits (:
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I hope it’s just the graininess of the photo and the angle but IF IT IS him that helmet be looking REAL BIG…Vintage Cybermen Big.